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At Asbestos & Mold Services of Humble, we provide Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Humble TX, Kingwood TX and surrounding Texas areas. We offer other testing services as well.

We are a licensed and certified Humble TX area Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Contractor. A Mold Inspection or Assessment is the first and most important tool in detecting, locating and identifying mold issues in your Humble & Kingwood TX area home or place of business. Mold Testing can properly assess the extent and type of mold growth inside the property. The mold samples are sent to a certified microbiology laboratory for analysis.

You may have a mold issue in your home or place of business and not be aware of it, even if you're experience mold-related health issues. That's because mold spores cannot be seen with the naked eye, or might be mistaken for something like dirt. Often mold doesn't even have an odor. Difficulty in detecting mold makes professional mold testing in Humble TX and Kingwood TX even more important. You and your family's or employees' health are of utmost importance. For your peace of mind and theirs, make sure to get your Humble or Kingwood TX area building tested for mold.

Our goal at Asbestos & Mold Services of Humble is to provide our clients with the best mold testing and inspection in the Kingwood TX and Humble TX areas. We do this by offering advanced mold inspections, providing exceptional service, and delivering our reports in a timely manner. Call us at 832-249-0021 for all your Kingwood TX & Humble Mold Testing needs.

We do NOT provide Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) Testing, since ERMI testing is NOT endorsed by the EPA.
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Accredited & Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau
Accredited & Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau
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